Vintage Christmas Photography
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Greetings Portal readers! Below, check out some pictures found here on the internet surface and some even there in the famous Deep Web, all without reference and description, but for sure very interesting for its intriguing aspect and perhaps sinister Uhauhass ...The soundtrack is at your own risk, ah and if you have seen

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Greetings visitors of the portal 4ever Style, today we will present you an illustrious and creative idea of Pinup Rita Elvgreen, as she is known in this stylish world of Pinups, to make a beautiful photo essay inspired by a notorious icon and who is considered the first world Pinup (Evelyn Nesbit), with production BeaBombShell and that gave very much

The Girl in the Red Velvet Swing - Subtitled
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Despite the fact that this movie makes much of the murder and scandal of the time, advertising it only as the tragedy of the century movie, the portal 4ever Style is here making this movie available in its entirety and subtitled to show the interesting story of the world's first Pinup Evelyn Nesbit, which was told in a feature film by

Doris Day passed away at 97
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Doris Day born Doris Mary Ann von Kappelhoff in Cincinnati on April 3, 1922, and departed today May 13, 2019 in California at the ripe old age of 97, was an American singer and actress, and left a rich collection of films and musicals, as well as many songs that began by making people happy

Flick - Rockabilly & Horror / Full movie
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Language: English - You can use the AUTOMATIC LEGEND generated by google - Click on the bar and activate ...Then change to Portuguese. SYNOPSIS: A real treat for lovers of rockabilly and horror movies, here is a movie about teddy boy zombies, the rockabilly comedy zombie bonanza, including the teddy boy costumes,

Message of Love - 1940's-early 1950's
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Message of Love - 1940's-early 1950's Entitled in turns "Flower Girl" and "Message of Love", this original oil on canvas by Eduardo D'Ancona was created for the John Frederick Calendar Company. Presenting an elegant and wholesome depiction of the ideal glamour girl good art, it marks a winsome departure by the prolific and infamous creator of the panty

Pinup History - The World's 1st Pin-Up
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Pinup History - The World's 1st Pin-Up Few models have captured the public imagination the way Evelyn Nesbit did in the early 20th century. A face known to millions at the age of 16, her fame would soon turn to infamy when her jealous husband murdered her former lover in "Crime of the Century." To

Bettie Page - Playboy Editions
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Bettie Page - Playboy Editions From the following Playboy Editions: This is a rare PDF file for Bettie Page fans and collectors ...Not to be missed! Dec 92 - The Betty Boom Mar 93 - Update May 94 - Bunny's Honeys Dec 95 - The Real Bettie Page Jul 96 - Playboy Gallery Jan 98