The first Brazilian computer completes 50 years
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The history of this computer begins when the Brazilian Navy understood that it had a need: to equip its frigates with national computers, seeking technological advance and, for this, it was necessary to open a competition. With the competition open, the University of Campinas (Unicamp) assembled a good team to develop the project and called its plan White Swan.

The Hays Code 1930-1950
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The years 1930-1950 are considered to be Hollywood's golden age in American film history. During this time, about 400 films were produced annually and 90 million viewers visited the theaters every week. It's hard to believe that the most representative films in the history of cinema were made during the

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Check out a series of photographs of forgotten and abandoned places, things, and objects from around the world! There are things that are hard to believe and others a big creepy mystery... Do you know any of these places? Comment here on the site! SHARE this news by: WhatsApp

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WELCOME TO THE 4EVER STYLE PORTAL Greetings world õõ/ 4ever Style is a portal in style designed to share information that is usually not in the standard media. Sometimes change is necessary, and expanding projects is key to enhance the entertainment here on the web for worshipers of different, valuable and stylish cultures.

Artists and their vinyl records
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Greetings! Check out the following series of photos / images / illustrations of artists listening to vinyl records. Check out a series of pictures of vinyl records used by artists The vinyl record, known simply as vinyl or Long Play (LP), is a medium developed in the late 1940s for the

The World's First Cell Phone - 1922
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World's First Cell Phone (1922). Found by a researcher in the Pathe vaults, this clip from 1922 shows that 92 years ago, mobile phone technology and music on the go was not just being thought of, but was being tested. Reported in the Daily Telegraph, May 2010. Part of the excitement for us ...