Aluminum Double Bass
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First I should say that this instrument is mainly used by rockers and musicians in bands that play the Rockabilly and Neo-Rockabilly rhythm, and nowadays there are several bands that use this type of double bass. Not very accurate information

The legendary Ray Campi departs at 87
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And there goes another legendary rocker and UNDERGROUND, departed of natural causes while sleeping in his home, Ray contributed in a gigantic way with good music to brighten our ears and our daily lives! He left us a rich musical heritage, and we feel very proud and happy for this illustrious gift from

Shakin Stevens and his dance songs
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Shakin ‘Stevens também conhecido como’ Shaky ‘(nascido Michael Barratt, em 4 de março de 1948, em Ely, Cardiff, South Glamorgan, País de Gales) é um cantor galês de rock and roll, que tem a distinção de ser o artista mais vendido no Reino Unido nos anos 80. Surgiu no início dos anos 80 e logo

Jerry Lee Lewis at VLV Rockabilly Weekend 2018
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O Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender é o maior e mais respeitado festival Rockabilly do mundo e agora é o festival de música mais longo em Las Vegas, tendo apenas comemorado o seu 20 º aniversário. O Weekender atrai anualmente mais de 20.000 participantes ao The Orleans Hotel and Casino por quatro dias ininterruptos de música,

The Land Where the Blues Began
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The Land Where the Blues Began - Movie Download Download The Land Where the Blues Began is one of five films made from images Alan Lomax photographed between 1978 and 1985 for the American PBS series Patchwork (1991). A self-described "music-hunter," Alan Lomax traveled to Mississippi

The Western Star Rockabilly Christmas Party - 2016
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The Western Star Rockabilly Christmas Party - 2016 (Download) Rockin Christmas 2016 Collection Greetings visitors! This is a great music option to play on your jukebox for the holidays! Check out the full article and download link... The Western Star Rockabilly Christmas Party (2016) [MP3] Band: VA Genre: Rock'n'Roll, Rhythm Blues,