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Flick - Rockabilly & Horror / Full movie

SYNOPSIS: A real treat for lovers of rockabilly and horror movies, here is a teddy boy zombie movie, the rockabilly comedy zombie bonanza, including teddy boy costumes, zombie gore and fantastic soundtrack. The movie is set in 1960, when Johnny Taylor decides to go to a dance and dance with the girl of his dreams, Sally Andrews. However, a murder on the dance floor disrupts his plans, and as Johnny flees with his Hilmann Minx, he runs off the road with the car, which falls into a river and disappears into the water. Forty years later a pirate radio plays the sound of the 1950s again and causes the rotting corpse of Johnny to awaken, who returns to the streets behind the wheel of his ghostly Hillman, thus beginning not only the search for his beloved Sally, but also revenge against those responsible for her death. Lieutenant McKenzie is called in to investigate a series of strange deaths and strange appearances after the resurrection of a 1950 murder victim (a local boy) who is brought back to life in modern times, and tries to find his teenage girlfriend who is now 62 years old and also to seek revenge for her death. The plot is weak at times, and the character motivation compelling, but the film's impeccable style more than makes up for this, including Teddy boy's costumes, zombie gore, and classic comic book style framing with actual illustrations from panels and comics used instead of montages for the plot. The cast is also very impressive, including Academy Award winner Faye Dunaway as Lieutenant McKenzie, to an armed American cop partnered with Detective Sergeant Miller played by Mark Benton, who had his flight to capture a rockabilly serial Killer in the dark decrepit environment of a basement in a modern nightclub (Which is very reminiscent of the old Madame Satan's mansion in SP) in the city which lends itself well to the horror genre. There are some great one-liners and bloody Monty fun pythonesque squirting wounds that provide comic relief from the angry zombie teddy boy and killer Johnny Taylor, whose insane mother played by Liz Smith (Royle Family) is the best part of the film.

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