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The Land Where the Blues Began - Download
The Land Where the Blues Began - Download

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The Land Where the Blues Began is one of five films made from images that Alan Lomax photographed between 1978 and 1985 for the American PBS series Patchwork (1991). A self-described "music-hunter," Alan Lomax traveled to Mississippi in the 1930s and '40s, first with his father John Lomax, later with the company sometimes of black folklorists like John W. Work III, armed with primitive apparatus and a sharp love of the Delta Blues' musical heritage. Crisscrossing towns and villages, Jook joints and dance halls, prisons and churches, Lomax recorded with the likes of Leadbelly, Fred McDowell, and Muddy Waters, all of whom made their debut recordings with him.

In late 1970 Lomax returned with filmmaker John Bishop and black folklorist Worth long to make the film "The Land Where the Blues Began." Shot on videotape, the film is narrated by Lomax and includes notable performances and stories ??by Johnny Brooks, Walter Brown, Bill Gordon, James Hall, William S. Hart, Beatrice and Clyde Maxwell, Jack Owens, Wilbert Puckett, JT Tucker, the Reverend Caesar Smith, Bud Spires, Belton Sutherland, and Othar Turner. Other strong performances by Walter Brown, Sam Chatmon, Clyde Maxwell, Jack Owens, Joe Savage, Bud Spires, Napoleon Strickland, and Othar Turner. Turner is also in Gravel springs Fife and Drum on Folkstreams.

Alan Lomax's book of the same title won the 1993 National Book Award - Nonfiction Critics.

No one has come close to Alan Lomax for illuminating those who cross musical roots from an extraordinary variety of cultures, including our own.
- Nat Hentoff

Film by John M. Bishop, Alan Lomax, Worth W. Long
Produced by The Mississippi Authority for Eduational Television & Alan Lomax
Cinematographer: John M. Bishop. Additional photography Ludwig Goon.
Sound: Steve Darsey, Kenneth Gates, Jacqueline Mack, Paul Burt
Editing: John M. Bishop. Videotape editor Ike Touchstone
Year: 1979 Alan Lomax
58 minutes, Color
Original format: 3/4 inch videotape: U-matic, 1979




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