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How to achieve the Teddy Boy hairstyle The Teddy Boy haircut is an iconic haircut that defined the 1950s This haircut peaked in the 1950s, but is still popular today in the underground world. The haircut needs a longer length, but it is relatively easy to create it with the right kind of product. CHARACTERISTICS: It is a hairstyle that is characterized by height, natural volume and texture. It is a uniquely British phenomenon, which emerged from the influence of the Edwardian style. The first styles were conservative, with hair about two inches long and styled to follow the natural contours of the head without any form over the high style. As the style evolved, it allowed hair to be allowed to grow up to three inches in length that was combed to create waves and volume. The hair was also allowed to grow a few inches in the back and cut and styled to resemble the back of a duck, which was easy to maintain, and the texture of the hair was kept natural. With a little volume and the use of a paste product (Suavecito) for example, this style is created in a matter of minutes. HOW TO DO IT The hair style requires about 1 to 2 inches in the front, enough for an eye-catching topknot, hair gum or gel, and hairspray. Comb the sides of the hair up, take a bunch of gel and rub it into the palms before running the palms up and to the sides of the head so that the hair is up. The rest of the back to form a duck tail at the back. To create a basic topknot, hold the hair over your forehead. Run your chosen product through the hair, rubbing between your palms before applying to that part of the hair. Fold the long hair back to create a bump over your forehead. You can bend long hair, allowing half of it to pass over your forehead for a more dramatic shape. You can use any product to create this style, from Suavecito styling gel, starch, glycerin soap or spray. The Teddy Boy hairstyle looks very stylish when worn with draped jackets, short pants at the ankles, leather or suede, and loafers or creepers. Some people who liked to sport the hairstyle wore suits with high collars and paired with bows or velvet sleeves.

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