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WELCOME TO THE 4EVER STYLE PORTAL Greetings world õõ/ 4ever Style is a portal in style designed to share information that is usually not in the standard media. Sometimes change is necessary, and expanding projects is key to enhance the entertainment here on the web for worshipers of different, valuable and stylish cultures.

Aluminum Double Bass
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First I should say that this instrument is mainly used by rockers and musicians in bands that play the Rockabilly and Neo-Rockabilly rhythm, and nowadays there are several bands that use this type of double bass. Not very accurate information

Vintage Christmas Photography
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Greetings Portal readers! Below, check out some pictures found here on the internet surface and some even there in the famous Deep Web, all without reference and description, but for sure very interesting for its intriguing aspect and perhaps sinister Uhauhass ...The soundtrack is at your own risk, ah and if you have seen

The first Brazilian computer completes 50 years
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The history of this computer begins when the Brazilian Navy understood that it had a need: to equip its frigates with national computers, seeking technological advance and, for this, it was necessary to open a competition. With the competition open, the University of Campinas (Unicamp) assembled a good team to develop the project and called its plan White Swan.

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Greetings! In this article the portal 4ever Style will show you 20 super stylish cars, but that unfortunately did not work very well in the world of automotive commerce, and were forgotten and abandoned by the world! Check this and other articles related to vehicles in this portal. 1. 1933 Fuller Dymaxion Designed by R. Buckminster Fuller, the Full Dymaxion

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Greetings visitors of the portal 4ever Style, today we will present you an illustrious and creative idea of Pinup Rita Elvgreen, as she is known in this stylish world of Pinups, to make a beautiful photo essay inspired by a notorious icon and who is considered the first world Pinup (Evelyn Nesbit), with production BeaBombShell and that gave very much

The Girl in the Red Velvet Swing - Subtitled
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Despite the fact that this movie makes much of the murder and scandal of the time, advertising it only as the tragedy of the century movie, the portal 4ever Style is here making this movie available in its entirety and subtitled to show the interesting story of the world's first Pinup Evelyn Nesbit, which was told in a feature film by

The legendary Ray Campi departs at 87
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And there goes another legendary rocker and UNDERGROUND, departed of natural causes while sleeping in his home, Ray contributed in a gigantic way with good music to brighten our ears and our daily lives! He left us a rich musical heritage, and we feel very proud and happy for this illustrious gift from

The Hays Code 1930-1950
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The years 1930-1950 are considered to be Hollywood's golden age in American film history. During this time, about 400 films were produced annually and 90 million viewers visited the theaters every week. It's hard to believe that the most representative films in the history of cinema were made during the